Monday, November 19, 2007

Numbers That Rock Your World


Numbers, like everything else in our universe, have a unique vibration specific to their energy. Here we connect with the musical notes and sun signs we are familiar with.

Here is that beautiful pattern:

For #1 or Leo: D & E#
For #2 or Cancer: G# & D#
For #3 or Sagittarius: G# & A#
For #4 or Aquarius: A#
For #5 or Mercury: D & F
For #6 or Venus: F# & C#
For #7 or Pisces: B
For #8 or Capricorn: A
For #9 or Aries: C

The Hebrew Letter Numbers
Awesome insights...

Symbolic Meanings of the Hebrew Alphabet Compared
Numerical / Formative Symbolism of the 22 Hebrew Letters
Very cool to check out!!!

The Numbers One to Ten, Fundamental Powers
Comparative Numerology

Chaldean Code / Letters to Numbers:

This code can be used to litererally add up anything made of the english alphabet![Personal Names, Book Titles, Addresses, Driver License's, Business Names, Etc.]To give you a more clear idea of the unique vibration of said thing.
For a quick and simple interpretation of each numbers total Click Here.

For a more in depth study I recommend these sources:
+Kelly's Website / Book (using Chaldean practice, Linda Goodman style)
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Dissatisfied With Your Job Numberology

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