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Free To Be... You And Me


I think kids today need this kind of love.

Free To Be... You And Me - is a children's film from 1974.
This film was shown to children across america in thier classrooms, school libraries, and likely in bits n pieces on TV. The record as I recall was entitled or showed "The Bell"

What this film was exactly:

"A journey into the endless possibilities of life, rich with positive life enhancing messages about growth and change. In a series of live action and animation, positive messages of self esteem are illustrated through songs, stories and laughter." Starring many famous entertainers from the 1970's.

Thus a product of it's time. The generation of Love and Peace messages. Yes, most were classified as hippies by todays standards. Having been born in 197o myself;
I saw this movie many times in school and at the library between ages 4-8 and it was my favorite filmstrip. Seeing it again brings back vivid memories and almost makes me cry. I hope that you too Enjoy!

This is the opening scene- with the kids on the merry-go-round- that we all remember and love.

Free To Be... You And Me - Part 1 of 17

This is the second segment. Two newborn babies (voices by Mel Brooks and Marlo Thomas) are trying to figure out whether they are a boy or a girl.

Free To Be... You And Me - Part 2 of 17

Roberta Flack and a teenage Michael Jackson sing "When We Grow Up."

Free To Be... You And Me - Part 3 of 17

This is the 4th segment. Marlo Thomas and Harry Belefonte sing "Parents are People."

Free To Be... You And Me - Part 4 of 17

In this segment is a cartoon short called "Ladies First".

Free To Be... You And Me- Part 5 of 17

This is the sixth segment. A cartoon short called "Dudley Pippin."

Free To Be... You And Me - Part 6 of 17

In this segment; Rosey Grier sings "It's Alright To Cry" It's purpose is to let children (especially boys) to know that crying is normal and okay.

Free To Be... You And Me - Part 7 of 17

In the eighth segment: A cartoon short called "William's Doll."
This segment seems to especially infuriate men.

Free To Be... You And Me - Part 8 of 17

This is the ninth segment. ^You Were Once a Baby."

Free To Be... You And Me - Part 9 of 17

In this next segment; Is a cartoon short called "Atalanta," a girl that has much better things to do with her time than fall in love and get married. Feminists will love this! Me, I have been wanting to get married since I was about 5, so needless to say, I never "got" this. My least favorite part of the film. Voices are Marlo Thomas and Alan Alda.

Free To Be... You And Me- Part 10 of 17

In this segment we find Dionne Warwick singing "I'd Rather Be The Sun." Very beautiful.

Free To Be... You And Me - Part 11 of 17

This segment we have another short cartoon this is entitled: "Agatha Frye."

Free To Be... You And Me- Part 12 of 17

This segment is about; Babies observing the daddies looking in at them through the window of the baby ward.

Free To Be... You And Me - Part 13 of 17

In this segment Marlo Thomas is asking kids how they feel about their brothers and sisters.

Free To Be... You And Me - Part 14 of 17

This is the 14th segment, a cartoon short called "Three Wishes."

Free To Be... You And Me - Part 15 of 17

This is the 15th segment, called "Circle of Friends." These people are having a group gathering where all participate in singing, playing their acoustic guitars, etc.

Free To Be... You And Me - Part 16 of 17

This is the conclusion and credits.

Free To Be... You And Me - Part 17 of 17

Recapp of CREDITS:

Production by Bill Davis

Aniated Sequences Directed by Fred Wolf

Puppet & Animation Voices directed by Alan Alda

Produced by Marlo Thomas and Carole Hart

Developed for television by Bruce Hart and Norman Steinberg, Alan Uger, Carole Hart, Marlo Thomas

Stories By Lucille Clifton, Herb Gardener, Dan Greenburg, Betty Miles, Carl Reiner, Mary Rodgers, Shel Silverstein, Peter Stone

Songs By Carol Hall, Sheldon Harnick, Bruce Hart, Edward Kleban, Elaine Laron, Steven Lawrence, Shelly Miller, Mary Rodgers, Shel Silverstein

Adaptions From Books by Phil Ressner "Didley Pippin"
Charlotte Zolotow "Williams Doll"

Music Directed and Arranged By Steven Lawrence

Choreographed By Donald McKayle

Sets Designed by Tony Walton

Puppets Designed By Wayland Flowers

Costumes Frank Thompson

Executive in Charge of Production For Murak Wolf Jerry Goof

Animation and Graphic Design David Brain, Bill Davis, Vincent Davis, Catherine Leary, Gary Lund, Johns McGuire, David McMacken, Teru Murakami

Editorial Consultant Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Design Consultant Sam Antiput

Film Directors Craig McKay, Jim Hanley

Animation Editor
Rich Harrison

Tape Editor
Nick Giordano

Assistant Director
Larry Davis

Technical Directors
Chet Mazurek, Ernie Buttlman

Music Recorded At Generation Sound & Media Sound

Music Mixed By
Alan Varner, Tony May

MS Thomas Make-up by Tom Case

MS ThomasHair Styles by Lynn Masters

Fur Courtesy of Ben Kahn

A Free To Be Production in Association With Murakami-Wolf Prods., Inc.

A Project of The MS. Foundation For Women, INC.

Based on Portions Of The Bell Record
"Marlo Thomas & Friends - Free To Be... You And Me."

Copyright Free To Be Foundation, INC. 1974

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