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Quantum Light Breath

What is the Quantum Light Breath?

The Quantum Light Breath is a highly focused breathing meditation process that greatly accelerates the user’s personal transformation by bypassing the conscious mind and releasing old programs directly from the subconscious. It basically eliminates the need for analysis, painful emotional experiences, years of therapy or growth groups and unfruitful meditations.

It usually takes the user into an expanded state of consciousness. Universal love is experienced as a reality and not as an unreachable concept. There is a deep connection to the Universal Intelligence.


Jeru Kabbal was a 20th century spiritual teacher and guide.

He rarely spoke of his past. He was a private person, and lived his teachings of being in the present. It is known that he was born in 1930 in the United States as Richard Dorin Shoulders. He studied traditional western psychology in his younger years and found it very limited. However, he was irrevocably committed and passionate about understanding and going beyond the mind. He became devoted to investigating how one could improve one’s quality of life and relationships.

The early years

Jeru served as an aerial photographer in the Korean War. He was assigned to planes that flew behind enemy lines to shoot pictures to gain intelligence data. After his service he worked as a National Park Ranger. He always loved nature.
As a young psychologist, he signed on for a well paid job in a big American company. Soon he realized that he achieved rather quickly a high standard of living and could easily make his living by doing this job for a lifetime. But he considered this perspective as rather boring and left that job to travel Europe. By the end of the 1960s, he spent some years in Germany and started to give individual sessions with the basics tools of what he later called Dehypnotherapy. People in Frankfurt knew him as Dick Shoulders and he learned the German language.

Exploring outer and inner world

Attracted by the adventures and mystics of the East, Jeru then began traveling widely, especially in Asia, seeking out and testing numerous methods of self realization he came across. He studied with several spiritual teachers, including Osho for several years, and became particularly drawn to the teachings of Krishnamurti, Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharishi and mystical elements in Christianity. However he was always an independent spiritual thinker. For several years he conducted workshops called Dehypnotherapy, because his "tools" were able to pull people out of the hypnosis of their stories, their thinking and dreaming mind. He experimented a great deal with breathwork and music and gave extended retreats in Holland, some of which were more than three months long.

Retreats and teachings

In 1990, after a prolonged solitary retreat, he he was inspired to take the new name, Jeru Kabbal. He founded the Institute for Accelerated Personal Transformation (Apt Institute) in California and designed the breathing process "Quantum Light Breath Meditation" which is available on audiotape and CD and soon became quite popular as a very efficient way to clarify one’s mind and reach expanded consciousness experiences in less than an hour.

He made clear that working with the subconscious mind is only half way to Clarity or Self Realization. Tools and practical awareness experiences to give people a taste of the here and now were added and he condensed his former work into a workshop series he called "The ClarityProcess®. " Thus, he combined his knowledge as a Western psychologist with the wisdom of the East in a unique, practical, and efficient way.
Since he loved traveling, he conducted the ClarityProcess® during the 1990's mainly in retreat centers in California, Germany, Holland, Spain and Bali.

Leaving the Body

Since birth, Jeru Kabbal suffered from a genetic kidney disease. A kidney transplant had been successful for several years, but Jeru left his body following a second transplant in 2000. One of his last requests was to have a wooden Buddha given to forty of his closest friends and students, each containing some of his ashes.
He left his incomparable work in written and audio material and in his students, who share the ClarityProcess® today in Europe and the United States. I myself, am one of these students.

The Clarity Process
is a system that uses your own innate intelligence to find the Unity that you seek. No need for gurus, surrender, isolation or asceticism. Be your own therapist; let life be the teacher. No need to understand Sanskrit. No need to chant or wave rattles or take drugs. Everything you seek is already present, but you live in a hypnosis that prevents you from seeing the obvious.

The benefits:

A clear understanding of the workings of your Deeper Mind
and how to reprogram it
An immediate reduction of fear, tension and uncertainty
More relaxed, natural and honest relationships
The recognition of your relationship to Existence
A deep trust of yourself and of life
An increase in self esteem
The potential cessation of psychosomatic conditions
Recognition and reversal of the fear of the positive
A practical approach to the path to self realization
A conscious connection with the higher aspects of your being
More Clarity in all aspects of your life

It's important to note that this practice can be done in a group setting or solo. I find it beneficial to share the experience with those of like mind, but always give yourselves plenty of room. The energy level becomes very obvious the more who join and I also suggest removing metal materials from your surroundings. It's imperative that you allow yourself a safe space in which to conduct this exercise. For those whom have never experienced astral travel, please educate yourself further on this subject as well, as this likely will bring your first experience.

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Now here is my gift to you:

The original Quantum Light Breath
By Jeru Kabbal -Just click here to download the mp3 for FREE


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Thank you for your gift :)

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Thank you very much for this. I really enjoy this.
Love from Holland.

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Thank you so much!
I love this recording

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Wow thank you for this gift, my mind was instantly clear - amazing :)

with love
D, Australia

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Thank you very much from Vancouver, Canada.

Kosho said...

I first me Jeru when we were both living in the Osho Commune in Oregon in the early 1980s. I was having lunch with him and some others one day and the subject of Osho declaring a certain number of his followers to be enlightened. Jeru was on this list which was treated with a certain amount of skepticism. Someone asked Jeru about what he thought about being on the list and I don't recall exactly what he said. I think he just laughed.

Faas said...

Thank you for this wonderful, powerful gift.

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Thank you, I loved the meditation - it is a great gift to me. I moved from my mind to the heart and saw clearly some things that I needed to see. I had been in a trance acting from will and trying to make things happen and I saw clearly how foolish it was, how unnecessary. I want to explore his work more and the Clarity Process. Thank you again.

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This is my favorite recording of QLB, and it is so wonderful to have access to it. Thank you.

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If one can persist through to 30mins a sweet space opens up.
I'm sitting in awe of my life.
A wonder full share.

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Thank you for making this recording available! Such a wonderful gift for all! My favorite for years! Unable to easily access my recording in storage & found this one! Thank you!