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Linda Goodman


{{{ Life altering experiences. }}}

Yes, this is the perfect way to express my views on the reading and exploring of Linda Goodman.

Damien Nicholes was the person who actually turned me on to Linda Goodman back in like... um?... 1994 or so? What a charactor he was (in a very good way)He was maybe 17 years old and the most well spoken, spiritually minded, adorable Leo you'de ever meet. Seemed pretty intrigued by my venus in scorpio too, LOL!

It began with a simple assessment of my charactor based upon my Sun Sign...
He did this quite matter of factly. I being the curious truth seeking Sagittarian that I am, bit. Within minutes he had me gasping. I was sure somehow he had secret esoteric knowledge up his sleeve. He grasiously shared a copy of Linda Goodmans Sun Signs with me until I'd worn it out from cover to cover. Needless to say I had to go out a buy my own copy. Week after week following I anaylized every family member, friend, coworker, and associate I had ever had contact with in life. Astonished again and again I just could'nt let this astrology idea go...

I discovered too that a persons sun sign at birth was just the tip of the iceburg... soooooooo much more to astrology, each planet, each aspect, all unique to only me given the precise moment of my birth and the location. I learned about ephemersis's, table of houses, relocation, etc. Before long I was a wiz at hand drawing a persons astrological birthchart. I could do intense math calculations to discover challenges in their world. I recognized by visual site of a chart a persons potentials. The only one thing I could'nt do with these things was convince another living soul of the significance, LOL! It seemed I was all alone in this discovery, this passion, this bliss.

Linda had a writing style all her own. She had a way of making the reader feel cozy comfortable and uncomfortably addressed all at the same time. What I mean by this is when you read something so spot on about yourself it can be somewhat frightening coming from one who's never met your gaze, nor spoke with you.

From this point on, I was on a mission! With a great passion I explored every area of esoteric sciences you could imagine. Along the way I purchased every book I could get my hands on. I became obsessed with learning everything I could to enrich my spiritual path. Linda Goodman did just that, with book after book! One book in particular took me down paths most folk never dreamed of going; it is called "Star Signs"

This book is much more broad based and esoteric than her previous books, and is an easily accessible, fun, yet serious guide to what she claims are ancient wisdoms including:

Star Signs as a guide to your career - the work you were born to do.
Numerology - the vital link between the power of numbers and astrology.
Lexigrams - the ancient codes revealing the hidden meanings of words.
Forgotten Rainbows - the power of gems and light, and how colors shape your life.

Some of the observations and suggestions in Star Signs may seem startling, even unbelievable. Refreshingly, you are encouraged by the author to be sceptical - but to try out her ideas for yourself before deciding whether or not to accept them

This book contains a basic survival spiritual-kit some of us need for exploring life. Treasure this book, give it to friends and strangers...
Don't forget to read between the lines!

Today, even after all these years have passed; You will find people across the world who embrace Lindas teachings, beliefs, and ideas.
In my own search to connect with others of like mind, I discovered a most wonderous assortment of friends at a magical place called Linda Land. Click here if you're curious? It's a forum area where her writings and life are both honored and explored in depth.

If you wish to explore the books yourself, PLEASE by all means go and purchase them!
You will NOT regret it!

If you need more of a taste first, check out these links:

Linda Goodmans Sun Signs Is Available On-Line To Read
Well here's the link:
Enjoy :)

Linda Goodmans Love Signs Book Preveiw
(aproximately 1/3rd of the book is not able to be veiwed just now....)


The Full Version of Star Signs [Download]

The Full Version of Gooberz [Download]

Important Note: These are large files you will need a program like Azureus to retrieve them. (This is also a free program) Click Here

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I just came across this post in your blog, where you have mentioned some links for Linda Goodman's Gooberz download. I tried but in vain, so could be of further assistance on this matter. Please let me. Any help will be truly appreciated.

manas said...

hi,i have been deeply influenced by linda goodman's books and loved ur blog but i couldnot get the link to download gooberz...i have been trying to get it for a long time...plz help thank you:)