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Holy City


A town created and run by a CULT "William E. Riker" being the leader and owner of 200+ acres off Highway 17. This guy ran for Govenor of California, I believe 3 or 4 times, LOL! At one point the FBI arrested him.
Rapes, murders, satanic worship, drugs, violence, child molestations, slavery, white supremacy, Hitler idolation, etc. All on the pretense of Christianity.

*In the late 50'S My grandfather was one of many who burnt this town to the ground to prevent any more evil events occuring there and to rid this guy and his cult from the area.

The town is still deserted even today.
If you can find it even on a map you will discover a population of [1 person] the old post office still partially stands...

And lost spirits are all about!

It's off the old Santa Cruz highway between Scotts Valley and Los Gatos, Now beside HWY 17. [death road, haaa...haa...]
A excerpt from a book about it
and a real sign that was alongside Highway 17

Today... The old post office building is somehow still standing and has been coverted into the Holy City Art Glass workshop. There is also one shed and one house.

Holy City is currently owned by Tom Stanton, the sole permanent resident and self-appointed mayor. He runs a glassblowing shop out of the post office.

PLEASE READ THIS VERY GOOD ARTICLE done by CBS 5 Evening magazine on the secret city near you. I found this contact # off it(408)353-4426 to call for a tour.

(photo below by Andrea Perkins)


Short more recent article done by The Metro

There is also a 90+ page book, a with a whole lot of photos written by Betty Lewis it's called "Holy City - Riker's Roadside Attraction In the Santa Cruz Mountains" The second edition (which is said to have more photos than the first edition) was published in 1992 by Otter B Books of Santa Cruz, California. was carrying this at one point.

Riker has been mentioned in Melvin Belli's old autobiography, "My Life On Trial" (with Robert Blair Kaiser) where that vignette about the legal fee appears.
There are bound to be a number of other references in some older cults books.

Riker's own published materials from Holy City include:

The Philosophy of the Nerves
The New Jewish Religion
World Peace And How To Have It

As well as some smaller publications such as:
Enlightener newsletter in 1917
Sheet Music titled "Please Don't Leave Me, Daddy" in 1945
The leaflet "I Will Come Again" in the 1950s
"A 16 Point Program" in the 50s
"Make Me Your Next President" in the 1950s

Materials such as these rarely pop up even as collectibles, so Betty Lewis's book is the most useful explanation available.

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The Rise and Fall of Holy City by John V. Young

The Great Anti-Cult Scare 1935-1945


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