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Shadow people

Let's discuss Shadow people. It seems that there are a wide range of beliefs and ideas about what this phenomenon are. Everything from it is a scientific phenomena seen only out if the corner of our eyes to they are friends and guides of children that we catch occasional glimpses of. On the flipside there is a very large number of people who believe these to be evil and demonic, and always to be avoided at any costs. This last theory of course stems from a fear of the unknown and all to often the dogmatic religious teachings that all darkness is evil, all light is good, etc.

Alternate physical forms have been witnessed of shadow people:

Some small, some large, some hooded or seemingly wearing hats or in varying degrees of misty seeming black vapors (sometimes called: ectoplasm), silhouettes of human and animal figures alike, etc.

The most commonly noted place of a shadow person sighting seems to be in our very own bedrooms! Yes, you heard me right, lol - Many people (including myself) have had the experience of seeing one or more of these shadow persons beside or at the foot of our bed while lied down and trying to get some sleep. Perhaps we view them before falling asleep or maybe we are awakened by their presence. But it is most always, always during the evening hours while it is still dark outside.

The reason for these direct visits to our bedroom are often misunderstood.
People in fear tend to dismiss the sighting altogether as one created from their imagination or worse yet they hide under the covers from such an event and fear ever having the contact again.

When really what these particular visits are is actually is spirit most likely attempting to get a message to a loved one, or possibly coming to you as a plea for help as they are themselves fearful of the path before them due to "life conditionings". The viewed shadow is a dense, black static, mass of spirit. Light does not penetrate through the spirit as it is clearly indicative of a spiritual condition, known as not yet having moved into the light or truth. It's still simply on it's journey :)

Shadow people are not bound by physical obstacles such as walls, etc. and you can literally shine a flashlight or laser light on them and it will not shine through them.

The energy or personality of shadow people can vary just as those in the flesh do. When a person passes or leaves their physical body, their mental condition will not change until they make the entire journey (move into the light with loved ones: as some say), as a "life-review" or "cleansing process" occurs.

After the life-review, the spirits become clean, as mis-thinking is purged and truth and understanding is gained. Shadow people are therefore unclear or unprocessed spirits, and retain their emotional and physical baggage, so to speak.

This will manifest as a distinct personality, mentality, ailment, pain, appearance, etc - and even odor, at times! Shadow people simply seem trapped in their former state, and do not appear to advance in age, intellect, or in any aspect of their condition they held while in the flesh: until they choose to continue the journey forward. This may mean turning to loved ones who are with them, who are attempting to bring them forward unto the light and life. (or) you even to pass along messages to their "still in the flesh" loved ones before they feel OK to journey forward.

Though there are likely some who are in need of guidance to understand their condition as they may believe "they are still in the flesh" and continue doing things as normal while confused in the way people around them are behaving.

Another type of "shadow people" are those still living in the flesh...
They are less likely to be found at the foot of your bed but rather out and about exploring the town, interesting landmarks, or educational places they normally do not have access to. These are known to you and I as "astral travelers", "remote viewers", Akashic Record Viewers" sometimes the energy is seen simply as a shadow if it is not strong enough to materialize or inmaterialize another way.

These sightings are more chance occurrences and less likely to be the case unless you are highly sensitive to the spiritual ethers around you.

So in all honesty it's important here to realize that these shadow people are on various missions and just like those in the flesh can be sharing/displaying positive and negative things. They are NOT all "evil" or all "good" they are all a combination of the very same things you and I are. Some of us appear soothing and nice friendly and good but have very ill intentions and are deceitful. While others of us appear gruff, and grouchy, mean and nasty while our intentions are perhaps honest and really to help others. There is a wide range of personalities and this does not change due to lack of a physical body.

One of the most widely documented stories of our time about shadow people was recorded about a little girl that spent a period of several years interacting with an elderly black man that no one else could see. He would spend hours with her each day while she read, played on the swing set, gardened, etc. The family called several paranormal investigators in through the years trying to capture something on film or find information to make it end, to no avail. This young girl was tested for psychiatric problems yet none really could be found.

Eventually a neighbor came over for a visit carrying with her some old family photograph albums to share the areas history with the family as well as her own delight to have finally organized them all. The girl happened to walk by the kitchen table while they thumbed through the photos and excitedly pointed out her friend, the black man she had been visiting with daily through the years.

The family then realized that he was not actually black as in African in her sight but rather a shadow person, lol

This man had been deceased for 20 years or more but was remembered fondly by his relatives and had indeed farmed that land for most of his physical life. He was know to be good with children and took a special liking to teaching others, etc.

So the neighbor now in total disbelief hearing of her ancestor having been here all along asked many, many questions of the child (now a young pre-teen) questions that only this deceased man would know answers too... The girl already knew some of the answers and was indeed able to acquire the rest from him within a relatively short period of time.

While her own family felt relieved to know their daughter now was NOT suffering a psychological illness they too were pretty freaked out by this news... Somehow they had seemingly convinced themselves that this friend of hers was imaginary.
Now they could no longer do so.

Shortly thereafter the family moved and the interactions no longer continued between the child and her shadow friend.

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Here are a few things I found around the web with the appropriate sources attached:

Shadow Person in the Street

On July 4th, 2007, I took this photo to show other family members how crazy it gets with beach traffic on my street during the Independence Day celebrations. The photo clearly shows a shadow person behind the white pickup truck in the foreground.

At first I thought the slower shutter speed may have caught someone running across the street. But closer examination shows that the reflection on the subject from the red tail light of the pick up truck, shows no real time lapse (streaking) to support this thought. The pickup truck behind the shadow is moving at approximately 15 mph and the driver is still relatively in focus, so I don't think this is a person out of focus due to the reduced shudder speed.

- Anthony Costa



Then these are two video clips taken from an investigation conducted by AGHOST at the Liberty Theater in Astoria, Oregon in 2006. As the cameraman pans the camera to the left, what appears to be a dark figure moves quickly past the camera.


To read 100's of cool firsthand stories about shadow people sightings and interactions go here: The Official Shadow Peoples Archives


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R. Guru said...

This happened to me once, and I have never been able to explain it! So thank you for bringing some "validity" (not that I needed it validated; I trust my own senses -- all six of them) to it.

Here was my experience:

I was lying in a semi-darkened room (cloudy day, heavy curtains closed -- just a little light seeping in around the edges), flat on my back, on a bed. I had headphones on, listening to my favorite music, and dozed off for a few minutes. What jarred me back to awakeness was the feeling of the bed being pushed down first on one side of my legs and then the other, just as if someone was crawling up over my body. My eyes snapped open and I saw a dark silhouette of a human form, indeed crawling up the bed over my legs! The apparition persisted for about one full second and then vanished.

Have you ever heard of a "shadow person" being able to affect the senses other than sight like that? I suppose I'll have to visit the "Shadow Persons Archive" you gave a link for...

Anonymous said...

Here was my experience:

I was lying in my bed also in a semi-darkened room when i noticed a dark shadow in a from of a person standing at the foot of my bed. I was not afraid of it. I said to the shadow i saw you- you was not suppose to let me see you and then it quickly darted to the left of my room and vanished in what seemed like a wavy dull light. The type of wavy light you see on the pavement when it gets very hot.