Monday, December 10, 2007

Reincarnation is a Reality

I'm asked, Do you believe in past lives:

YES! Absolutely! I not only believe in reincarnation I have been the kind recipient of memories of my most recent one during a spiritual exercise called Watsu. Turns out, I'm born into the very same family a generation and half later... I drown at a very young age and did not survive. Oddly enough, I repeated that experience in this physical life as well, LOL! You can read about that here. This time though, I chose to continue with my chosen family.

The facts of my previous life were in fact able to be validated (lucky for me) My grandmother held many keys to these validations as well as had had direct contact with the previous "me". I was her niece via bloodline, and she was just nine years older than I. No one in our living family knew of these events until I experienced my recollection. I was so bothered, rather excited by these memories that I started asking alot of questions. I do mean alot! I had many details to go on as they were all already within me...

Eventually I point blank asked my grandmother who [insert past life name] was? She gasped! My grandmother was a very private sort and couldn't gossip or lie if her very life depended on it. She made us each a cup of tea and then spilled her guts...
The details matched spot on between this little girl and my recollection of "me". My grandmother was just 14 years old when her niece had died and it was very traumatizing to her she'd not spoke of the events in more than 60 years! Her sisters marriage had fallen apart they'd divorced and then years later she'd remarried yet chosen never again to have children. This all happened before even my fathers birth and of course my subsequent birth. No one was the wiser, nor knew of her past heartache.

In this life I did meet and get to know my great aunt (previous mother) though we were not very close as a large geographical distance was between us, she was very special to my heart. When I was 13 years old she passed away and her estate went through probate. The family was surprised and curious to discover I was to be the recipient of her "dolls from around the world" collection. These had lived in a glass case for all of my entire life and then some I'm certain. As a young child, I would sit before them while visiting and just stare and stare at them...My great aunt had many nieces and nephews and yet I was the only one who was named in her will. This seemed odd and somewhat unfair. I decided at that very young age to go ahead and divide the dolls amongst my cousins and share them. Though this changed the idea of a collected set it seemed the right thing to do! Surely I was not the only child throughout the years that admired those dolls we were never allowed to touch.

It was still another 12 plus years before my Watsu experience. Even then, I didn't make the connection of who my past life mother was... took another couple years of investigating and eventually my grandmothers confession of her sisters forgotten past.
Since that time all those years ago we've discovered the little girls entire name within my own lexigram. (Where of course, it had been all along.) I never did meet or know anything of her previous husband, my "dad" other than I had been his world and my death seemed to be both the death of his spirit and his marriage to my great aunt.
Back in the 1930's NOTE: I am born in November of 1970 this time round, so I suppose it is possible that there could have been incarnations between these as well, if they too... were short physical lives...

As an after thought...I find that it's a perfect irony, to have recalled my previous life in this way, as Watsu is practiced in the water. I have since been through training classes and acquired my own state license to practice this art as well.. It is the perfect accompaniment to massage therapy, reiki, and spiritual counseling. In my own practice I've discovered some interesting benefits of helping people heal through childhood abuse and even incest or rape issues. Like myself these clients tend to relive previous experiences and are able to cope, working through them comfortably in this loving and nurturing environment.

If you've never heard of Watsu before, I invite you read my brief description here.
You may learn more about where to study it here.

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