Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Nature Spirit Adventure


Oh I had something magical happen!!! *jumps up n down

I woke up yesterday morning feeling fluttering at my feet, I rolled over and sat up to witness two small see-thru butterflies.

Smiling to myself, I thought really nothing much of it... just comforting.

So I lay back down with my eyes still open and began to go through my head the things I needed to do this day, as I glanced over to discover my daughter had crawled in bed with me sometime during the night, it hit me.


Had I really just seen butterflies in my house?
lol, then replaying in my mind the events just prior I realized these were no ordinary butterflies they were energy of sorts thus why I could just see through them!

I actually pulled my butt out of bed and peeked about my house hoping to catch another glimpse of them, to no avail...

I checked and double checked all the windows (just in case they had been of a "physical nature"), nope everything was closed up tight. I looked under the bed and in the drawers now thinking could they have perhaps been moths of some sort and I only imaged butterflies?

Nope! These were little spirit things!!!

What this means exactly I do not know? -But they were real!

How crazy is this!

This has been in my mind ever since of course, hee...heee...
Ah well, a message of sorts and perhaps another day it will reveal itself to me.

[July 31st, 2008]


The following Days After comments:


Oh, I do feel blessed indeed!

Last night I lay in bed visualizing them over and over again and again recounting all the steps I could have or maybe should have taken wondering of the various messages it could be, most hoping that my focused thoughts would manifest into another sighting or a witness to similar events.

I am wishing that I could draw, that I could somehow create on paper a visual of what they looked like. Something tangible to share here or with my husband even, lol. As an afterthought it seems they were a bit larger than the butterflies I am used to seeing and had trail or maybe even tail? that looked curved down a bit similar in fashion to a lobster all glycerin/see-thru white as the fluttering wings. My husband asked if it was possible that these were angels, or fairies rather and perhaps I'd only associated them with the closest thing physical I'd ever seen. *I am unsure and really didn't know how to answer; as I've not been witness to either before, lol

What I do know is that they were interacting with each other as if playing intertwining round and about just as butterflies do.

K, here's my really really bad depiction of them, lol


My husband has promised to help place them to paper later (as he can draw)

This is my photo shopped attempt anyways.
I do not remember seeing any heads of sort separate from the body the trails at the ends were somewhat continuing long after like how a jet in the sky leaves an imprint of where it's been. These too left a sort of trail behind them.

[August 1st, 2008]

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