Saturday, December 15, 2007



Sappho signifies aesthetic refinement; the desire to bond deeply with or feel the same way as others. education of females in the fine arts; emotional extremes in love; friendship needs; poetic ability; romantic and artistic sensitivity; same-sex bonding that exceeds ordinary friendship; the sensitisation of individuals to their sexuality; sensuality; the sharing of aesthetics, artistry, interests and values; and sociability. Inharmonious aspects to Sappho indicate difficulties in forming close friendships; loneliness; problems in expressing or understanding love and sexuality; and trouble in balancing of intimacy needs with other areas of the personality. Sappho's natal sign placement shows what the individual does for or with close friends; while its natal house placement shows what he or she most needs to share. In synastry, Sappho highlights sensual and sexual attractions. Transits involving Sappho highlight common ground between people and accentuate interaction with close friends. The glyph for Sappho represents linked Venuses. Key words: passionate, sexual attraction, artistic, genuine appreciation, poetic.

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