Saturday, December 15, 2007



Psyche signifies the capacity for clear psychic attunement and sensitivity to and bonding with another person, by mind and feelings; conscious relationship as a path to spiritual illumination; deep, intuitive communication; a struggle to achieve a true, lasting love; and yearning for soul-mate union. It has also been interpreted as a point of damage, psychological trauma or wounding from which the individual does not recover, leaving an open, hypersensitive wound. In Fire signs, Psyche describes the ability to control and direct energy fields; in Earth, concretely manifested achievements; in Air, mind telepathy; in Water, empathy. Afflictions to Psyche lead to blocked psychic awareness; inability to enter personal relationships; or insensitivity to others. Aspects to Psyche heighten awareness of the principles governed by the aspected planet; and harmonious aspects can seem to share the burden of wounding with the aspected planet. In synastry, Psyche highlights areas of intuitive understanding or lack of understanding between the individuals. Transits to Psyche affect the state of psychological health. The glyph for Psyche represents a butterfly.
Perseverance of love, connection of a psychic nature, awakening of intuition, soul seeking completion.

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