Thursday, August 7, 2008

Joei's Philosophy on Almonds


My daughter and I were on the front lawn playing in the sprinkler as the day was really warm and nice. When I looked up I noticed that our big old almond tree was gifting the fruits of its labor all the husks were opening fully themselves to show the dry nut shells within. Show I gently lift my daughter up to let her pick these from the tree.

We spent maybe 15 minutes or so picking almonds and we took a break here and there while I showed her and the little neighbor boy how you open them up and eat the almond itself.

Well a few minutes later my daughter says to me...
"Hey momma?
God made these for the birds to eat...
Will he get mad at us for takin' their food?"

While this philosophical thought came from her sweet lips and a gentle smile across my heart...

I turned round to see what is is she is actually doing.
Then nearly wet myself, lol

She has the ENTIRE outer layer husk, and hard shell UNOPENED in her mouth trying to eat it like a piece of fruit :))):

No wonder she clearly was trying to get out of eating that birdfood!

[August 5th 2008]

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