Saturday, August 9, 2008

Alternate and Free Energy

How to Convert your Car to run on WATER (actually works) (pdf format) 251 kb

Solar Ice Maker (pdf format) 347 kb

Tesla Turbine (pdf format) 2 MB

The Encyclopedia of Free Energy vol.3 (pdf format) 18 MB

Teslas Fueless Generator (pdf format) 1 MB

The New Tesla Electromagnetics and the Secrets of Electrical Free Energy (pdf format) 2 MB

Permanent Magnet Motor (pdf format) 1 MB

PMG Construction Manual (pdf format) 908 kb

Science - How To Build A Fuel Cell (Free Energy) (pdf format) 149 kb

Nikola Tesla Electric Car Part-1 (pdf format) 221 kb

Nikola Tesla - Illustrated Autobiography free energy (pdf format) 388 kb

Independent Energy System Solar wind and water(pdf format) 18 kb

Making biodiesel - joshua Tickell's - (free energy - biodiesel) (pdf format) 1 MB

Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (Tesla free energy manual book guide how to) (pdf format) 6 MB

Homemade Light Bulbs (pdf format) 337 kb

Homemade batteries.pdf (pdf format) 765 kb

Free Energy Projects 2 -Encyclopedia of free energy (pdf format) 772 kb

fuelless engine 1-50hp (pdf format) 2 MB

Fuelless engine 50-350hp (pdf format) 2 MB

Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity (pdf format) 8 MB

Free energy - The Encyclopedia of Free Energy - Vol 2 - 1998 - 91 pages (pdf format) 782 kb

The World Of Free Energy (pdf format) 91 kb

Top Secret Publishing - Free Energy Projects 1(pdf format) 595 kb

How to build your own underground home Free Energy (pdf format) 48 MB

Free energy - The Air Engine (pdf format) 967 kb

Free energy - FUEL from Water Part 1 (pdf format) 2 MB

Free Energy - Free electricity From The Earth (pdf format) 2 MB

Free Energy - Passive Solar Cooling, Part 1 (pdf format) 106 kb

Free Energy - Passive Solar Cooling, Part 2 (pdf format) 223 kb

Free energy - ELECTROMAGNETISM AND FREE ENERGY (pdf format) 71 kb

Free Electricity From The Phone Company (2004) Creative Science & Research (pdf format) 1 MB

ENERGY - GRAVITY - ANTIGRAVITY Aircraft patent (pdf format) 1 MB

Adams Motor Build From Old Cds Free Energy (pdf format) 448 kb

Bearden - Final Secret Of Free Energy (pdf format) 697 kb

Electricity From The Wind-Assessing Wind Energy Potential (pdf format) 396 kb

EB - orgone generators - free energy (pdf format) 481 kb

electricity from the sky (pdf format) 5 MB

Complete US Patents of Nikola Tesla - Electricity Alternative (pdf format) 40 MB

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