Monday, February 4, 2008

Wanna Play Forensic Astrology? (includes asteroid info)

Forensic Astrology

This is about using forensic astrology to solve crimes, pinpoint or eliminate suspects, gain clues from the crime scene chart, profile criminals, and to see how accurate and amazing astrology is. Using ground breaking techniques such as the asteroids with personal names and themes, giving explicit and precise accuracy that has not been utilized as it could be. The charts and their revelations will astonish you as to how the universe really is in synchronicity with our lives! The astrological DNA is real!

This is essentially the first 20 pages or so of a book entitled Forensic Astrology written by a successfull practicing Forensic Astrologer named Dave Campbell if you care to explore it further click here to preview more.

There are lot's of insightful tid-bits throughout this...

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