Friday, December 7, 2007

Magi Astrology

Below are listed the "Best of The Best" Free Learning Materials. I do not practice nor promote Magi Astrology personally...(In otherwards, you are on your own here, LOL!)

Magi Astrology Aspects (compiled from Books 1-3)

Magi Astrology of Infidelity and Sex

Magi Ten Principles to Avoid Heartbreak

Magi Astrology vs. Genetics

Magi Planetary Symbolisms

Magi Cinderella Aspects/Times

Magi About Heartbreak & Nuclear Clashes

7 Basic Lessons on Magi Astrology

If you have a high-speed Internet connection and Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may click here to directly download a PDF file that contains these chapters:

Chapter 1: Magi Astrology Helps You to Answer the Pertinent Questions in Your Life
Chapter 2: Planetary Geometry is the Key to Accurate Astrology
Chapter 3: Learning the Basics of Astrology – the Birth Chart
Chapter 4: How to Interpret a Birth Chart
Chapter 5: How Planetary Geometry Affects Love and Money Issues
Chapter 6: Chiron is the Arrow that Points to Your Soulmate
Chapter 7: We All Have a Second Birth Chart

You may also download chapters 8 through 14 by clicking here, they contain:

Chapter 8: The Astrological Secrets of Magical Sex
Chapter 9: Special Linkages That are Signs with Golden Linkages
Chapter 10: Maximize Your Success with Golden Linkages
Chapter 11: Fulfill Your Dreams with Help from Magi Astrology
Chapter 12: How to Choose the Best Days for Love and Money
Chapter 13: Planets Have Personalities and Symbolisms
Chapter 14: Chiron is the Sign of a New Age

If you have dialup Click here and then here rather, for zip files that will download quicker.

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