Saturday, December 15, 2007



Ceres signifies abortion; adaptation to one's environment; animal care; anorexia; attachment; the attempt to exert sole control over children, creations or possessions; austere beauty; birth and rebirth; birth control; bulimia; caring for others; child abuse; childbirth training; children's rights; clanship; concern; conditional love and approval; cultivation and growing cycles; cycles of transformation and renewal; death and dying; depression and isolation stemming from inadequate nurturance; dependency; disability; the discipline required for social adaptation and integration; domestication; efficient functioning; excess weight; extended family; family roots, ties and values; feelings of self-esteem, self-image and self-worth; food; food-related services and physical disorders; grief, mourning, sorrow and suffering; healing (including through gemstones); growth; gynaecological health; helping professions; loss, abandonment and rejection; the meeting or denying by parent figures of personal needs expressed by its sign and house placement; midwifery; miscarriage; mothering and mother-love; mothers' rights; national product; nourishment; nursing; nurturing; parental relationships; parenthood; platonic friendships; pregnancy; prenatal care; pre-school education; primary education; primitive inherited instincts and responses; productivity; provision for others; the relationship with nature and Earth energies; the search for perfection; service; sharing and letting go; single parenting; social services; survival of the species; unconditional love and acceptance of others; unemployment; universal love; and useful work. Caring for each other, nuturing each others emotional and physical needs, etc.

It is associated with agriculture; ants; bakers; botany; bread; breeders; caretakers; caves; cereal grains; commodities; communes; consumers; cooks; co-operatives; corn; cranes; dolphins; domestic animals; doves; earth science teachers; the Earth element; ecology; farming; farmers; farm tools; gardening; grandparents and grandchildren; harvest; honey; horticultural nurseries; hospices; labourers; nannies; nursery school directors; nurses; nutritional counsellors; nutritional healing; pigs; plants; poppies; producers; restaurants; seasons; seeds; servants; social security payments; springs; strikes; the thyroid gland; trainers; tribes; underground water; unions; veterinarians; and waiters and waitresses. Its glyph represents the agricultural sickle; and its symbols include ears of corn or wheat; ploughs; sacrificial knives; scythes; a circle enclosed in a triangle; and torches.

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