Monday, December 17, 2007

3180 Morgan


(AKA:Fata Morgana/Morgan le Fay/Morgana etc.)

Connection to the realm of faerie, a woman whose magic powers stem from dedicated study. A mirage and optical phenomenon, smoke and mirrors area of chart. Associated with both magic and conflicts. Secretive and precise with healing.

Key words: enchantress, enmity, covets, delusion, trickery, instigating, antagonist, apples, otherworldly healer, healing balms and medicines, feminine spiritual power, seductive, charming, preservation of religeon and custom, defender of treachery and oppression, uses power of others, utimate reconciliation, magical sisters, nightmares, illusions, being armoured and armed, wherever conflict or war occurs but does not actually join in physical battle. Morgan is always helping with her magic though she is mostly a student to medicine and other self interests.

Anciently associated with the following:
Element: Water
Colors: Red, Black, Dark Blue, Green
Animal: crow and raven
Day of the week: Wednesday
Planet: Mercury and Moon

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