Monday, December 17, 2007

2597 Arthur


Key words:
Establishment of notoriety or fame through great strength of charactor. Chivalry, adventures, mystery, discovery, subjected to horrific control by others. Learning, becoming a man, leadership, curiosity, exploration, To be conspicuous, to see, to sketch, to view thru a telescope. To be obvious and indisputable. Quest for an important cause or issue. Rebuilding after the destruction of plans for simple virtue or moral justices. Human development and Spiritual growth.

Where this lies in your chart you have the power of duty. Arthur rules first by example. Planets in close contact with him are said to help to heal any feelings of betrayal and further support the processes of forgiveness, including forgiving ourselves. Planets opposing him are areas of challenge.

If 2597 Arthur features prominently in a chart be aware also of the following area, as it's likely to also be associated.
[28° Pisces]

Healthwise this asteroid is associated with Metabolism and Ingestion
Natural cure to these conflicts is ABC (apples, bran, and cypress)

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