Friday, November 16, 2007

Why fire women may think Pisces men are weak?


My opinion on the above in question;

#1 Every Pisces Man I've Ever Met, is actually a neat freak. Very organized on the outside (the inside however may be a different story) ei; meaning emotional messes.

#2 Every Pisces Man I've Ever Met, is attracted to Fire Signs
(more than for just the fact of that 1/12th of the population this encompasses)

#3 I can consider myself an expert on the subject of Pisces Men and Fire Women for the following reasons:

A] I am a fire woman.
(Sagittarius Sun with an Aries Ascendant)
B] I've had numerous friends of the male pisces sort.
C] I've myself dated several Pisces males.
D] I have currently been living with and about a Pisces Male for 12 years or so.
E] I dated him for 10+ years before I married him.
F] His SUN AND MOON are in Pisces

Pisces Man Says:
"I am emotional, but I am also very independent, obstinate and unconventional. I am also a perfectionist. Although I am not the most assertive person out there I am not a wus."

My Reply:
"You decribed a Pisces Male to a tee!"

So now let's address the question:
"Why do fire women always think Pisces men are so weak?"

Here is a clear and concise answer if you choose to hear it.
(Please remember I'm a sag while I do this...)
Sag = Brutal Honesty...

#1 You do not address things face to face.
You act pessamistic when you are confused or have had your feelings hurt, rather than address the problem or situation at hand. This is seen as cowardly or acting weak to the average "Fire Woman".

#2 You do not know how to say "NO", You are so benevolent, helpful, and eager to please people in your life, you will not stand up for yourself enough to just say "NO". This act alone causes you much due stress. You become overwhelmed by all the responsibilities placed on your shoulders and then it turns to bitterness or anger inside you. From a "Fire Woman's" perspective: How can you be depended on to provide protection and comfort in times of need while you've already given away all your time and energy to everyone else including every "damsel in distress" in town! This translates to you being and acting "weak".

#3 "Pisces Men" tend to be quite introverted, while "Fire Woman" tend to be quite extroverted. This difference alone makes the case to a fire woman. [The definition Introverted is; interest in ones self, turning inwardly, focusing on ones self, etc.]
To a "Fire Woman" this is viewed as "SELFISH" and selfish= weakness.

I hope this helps better explain the situation you face at hand?

This is the truth as I see it...

again, remember we are talking about 1/12th the population [Pisces] verses 1/5th [Fire Woman]

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Anonymous said...

wow that was very right on. i'm a fire woman by the way :)

Unknown said...

No just no..... You dont know at all 😂

urmila joy said...

Pisces man are the most unmanly, bad in bed, no self confidence utter losers, it's like dating another girl. Their pain is imp to them then others. They r just pathetic and slow as snail. They can make any sexy gal feel less sex.