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The Lilith Factor


K, here's what I have to share with you on the "LILITH" factor

Depends on what Lilith you're talking about...
There are 5 things refered to as "Lilith"!!!

As shown in this chart below:

-It's also important to know whether this is male of females chart we are looking at, as the effects can be dramatically different for each.

Are we talking about...The Mean Apogee Black Moon Lilith, [h12]
Here is it's Glyph

This is what offers automatically in its additional objects area..

Black Moon Lilith is not a celestial object but an abstract, geometric point. An ellipse has two focal points: in the case of the Moon’s orbit, the Earth is located at one of the focal points and Black Moon Lilith is considered to be either the other focal point (about 36,000 km from the Earth), or the apogee of the Moon’s orbit, both points lying in the same direction from the Earth.7 Black Moon Lilith is commonly used in mainland Europe, and its use in the US and UK is increasing...

Or are we talking about one of these four others?...

Oscillating apogee Black Moon Lilith
also called true BML, this point actually fluctuates a lot, as much as 30 degrees from the mean BML, and it retrogrades often...(It's like the difference between mean node and true node.)

h21 Interpolated Lunar Apogee (Lilith), also called 'Natural Apogee'

h58 Dark Moon Lilith (Waldemath)
Dr. Waldemath’s Black Moon
This is another hypothetical second moon of the earth, postulated by a Dr. Waldemath in the Monthly Weather Review 1/1898. Its distance from the earth is 2.67 times the distance of the moon, its daily motion about 3 degrees. The orbital elements have been derived from Waldemath’s original data. There are significant differences from elements used in earlier versions of Solar Fire, due to different interpretations of the values given by Waldemath. After a discussion between Graham Dawson and Dieter Koch it has been agreed that the new solution is more likely to be correct. The new ephemeris does not agree with Delphine Jay’s ephemeris either, which is obviously inconsistent with Waldemath’s data.
This body has never been confirmed. With its 700-km diameter and an apparent diameter of 2.5 arc min, this should have been possible very soon after Waldemath’s publication. source

1181 Asteroid Lilith
A main-belt asteroid, represented on astrological charts by a glyph of an upturned hand (right). The asteroid Lilith was discovered in 1927 by Russian-French astronomer Benjamin Jekhowsky and given the provisional designation 1927CQ.
Here is the asteroids glyph

-and to learn even more, be sure to read this great article at Mountain Astrologer by Clicking Here

I hope some of this, is found to be helpful...

It's the one with this glyph:
upside down cross with cresent moon on top.

It's listed as an option automatically at along with juno, chiron, etc. where it says: Additional objects
It should be the third option in the list.

It's not these one's:

h13 Osculating Lunar Apogee ("True" Lilith / Black Moon)
h21 Interpolated Lunar Apogee (Lilith), also called 'Natural Apogee'
h58 Dark Moon Lilith (Waldemath)
1181 Lilith asteroid

*In my own chart (h12,h13,& h21) referenced Liliths are relatively close in my 5th house while the asteroid lilith is in my 6th house, and the Dark Moon Lilith (Waldeman)is in my 11th house.

Lilith in the 5th...
just so you know you or your partner having Lilith in this position 5th house virgo does not mean that you cannot have children. It just brings MANY, many, complications along the way.

I myself have this and have three children.
The implication is it's not the norm to easily become pregnant with a viable outcome.
My condensed history:

Pregnancy #1 Pre-eclamptic Toxemia symptoms
Hospitalized at 8 months prego for 1 1/2 weeks, later induced.

Pregnancy #2 Carrying twins... Lost the first one at 1 1/2-2 months along, then the second one at 3 1/2 months term

Pregnancy #3 Pre-eclamptic Toxemia, a couple of strokes, high blood pressure pregnancy induced diabetes, etc. induced labor at full term. (child has sleep disorder did'nt learn to sleep more in than 20 minute incraments until 4 years old, he also has serious hyper-activity disorder)

Pregnancy #4 Pre-eclamptic Toxemia, high blood pressure pregnancy induced diabetes, etc. induced labor at just 28 weeks gestation or I would die. I have no doubt I truly would have died and even then almost did after the fact. the baby being born SOoooooo premature (3 months early) she lived in the neonatal intensive care unit where we were flown to. She was given just a 4% chance of surviving even through the night. Blood transfusions, feeding through tubes, pic-lines, being unable to touch her for the first 13 days of her life, intestinal issues, etc. all said and done through the grace of God, she did make it through and out of the hospital a full 2 and 1/2 months later and home a full 11 days before she was supposed to be born.
(She's now a month shy of 4 years old and HEALTHY and Perfect in every way!)

So 4 pregnancies including 5 babies, 3 survivors and just one with lasting medical issues... even these are sure to be outgrown.

My advice:
No drugs, No alcohol, Eat healthy.
Have a large support group (you will need it)
Be spiritually focused at all times!
~Do not ever lose faith...
Arrange, in advance a doctor or midwife who is very experienced with high risk pregnancies.
Follow thier advice even if it seems stupid or unnecessary (example: bedrest at 3 months along, no juices, white flour, etc.)
Obtain a spiritual guidence counselor if you don't already have one.
Be prepared for your own family and friends to lose faith, and to be less supportive than you imagined, etc.
(some may even suggest ending your dangerous pregnancies)

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