Friday, November 16, 2007

Chart Tools


House Meanings

HET Houses Chart
(Humanist, Evolutional, and Traditional)

Aspect strength concept chart

House Chart (including Ancient Gods rulerships)

Greek House Chart (very cool)




Locate The Ascendant (Quick Reference Chart)

Easy Aspect Finder Chart

Asteroids of L.A.S.


Planet Motion Table

Simplistic Diagram to Explain Interceptions

Planet and Sign Symbols

Aspect Chart

Aspect Chart 2

Earth Medicine Astrology (North Chart)

Earth Medicine Astrology (South Chart)

Interaction Degree Meanings
(By Sign, Planet, or House)

Four Life Stages Division Chart

IMSE Division Chart

ASL Division Chart

Inner and Outer World Focus Division Chart

Self and Others Division Chart

Body Parts Ruled By The Signs

The Famous ASTRO MAN
15th century image from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry showing believed relations between areas of the body and the zodiacal signs.

Saturn/Jupitar Conjunction Pattern
This diagram from the Mysterium Cosmographicum shows the recurrence pattern of the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, a major astrological event. This pattern led to Kepler's discovery of the nested polyhedra.

The Seven Liberal Arts
Picture from the Hortus deliciarum of Herrad von Landsberg (12th century)

Zodiac signs, 16th century European woodcut

Extract and symbol key from 17th century alchemy text

Zodiac in a 6th century synagogue at Beit Alpha, Israel.

12 Houses of Heaven
18th century Icelandic manuscript showing astrological houses and glyphs for planets and signs.

Chart Mapping Tool

Areas of the Face with Associated Rulers

Signs Ruling Body Parts

3D Visual Astrological Horizon Chart

This table, from an 18th century Icelandic manuscript, links astrological dates with preparation of medicine. called "Astrological Remedies"

This old document shows the anciently held link between the 12 signs of the Zodiac and the various parts of the body

In the past, cosmolabes and other devices were often used to calculate the astrological aspects

This natal chart, appearing in Ebenezer Sibly's Astrology (1806), was drawn for the speculated birth date of Jesus Christ, midnight, December 25, year 45 in the Julian calendar. (Do I believe this is accurate? Absolutely not! Just thought the chart itself was a nice representation of a chart style, I'd not previously worked with, LOL!)

Natal chart for Martin Luther, also appearing in Sibly's Astrology.

Vedic Astrology (17 Charts and Tables)


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